Booking Request Form

Includes: Sheltered area with picnic table seating for up to 16 people. Each cabana has a bar fridge. Suitable to keep a standard cake and a small number of items cool and access to ONE (1) BBQ ONLY. Supervision ratios must be maintained for children nine (9) years and under Four (4) supervising adults per 10 children. Large cabanas include 15 ride bands + 5 free spectators and medium cabanas include 10 ride bands + 4 free spectators.

Please note, this is a request for a booking only. once form has been submitted a staff member will be in touch. .

(as appears on photo ID):

Session Time: 10.30am – 5.00pm

Number of Attendees in each age range

Cabana Options

THE AMOUNT IS NON REFUNDABLE! In addition, a $200 bond is payable (payable by EFTPOS / CREDIT CARD ONLY) The hirer must have a staff member sign off on the condition of the cabana prior to leaving the venue.

THE AMOUNT IS NON REFUNDABLE! In addition, a $200 bond is payable (payable by EFTPOS / CREDIT CARD ONLY) The hirer must have a staff member sign off on the condition of the cabana prior to leaving the venue.

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Terms & Conditions for Bookings

Terms and Conditions

  1. Booking will only be accepted up to three (3) months in advance.
  2. The hirer must be a responsible person, 18 years or older who will be held liable to Fairfield City Council (FCC) for the cost of the repair of any damage or breakage to any part of the building, premises, fittings or furniture, appliances or apparatus during the term of the function. The hirer shall report any breakages or problems to FCC as soon as possible.
  3. Cancellation of booking date will result in the loss of all fees paid except $200 bond.
  4. The hirer must ring the centre two days prior to confirm numbers
  5. Children nine (9) years of age and under MUST be accompanied by a person 16 years at all times.
  6. Plastic cutlery only (No glass or knives)
  7. Fairfield City Leisure Centres are smoke and alcohol free zones. The hirer is responsible for enforcing this policy with fellow users.
  8. Commercial / take away fast foods or catered quantity of foods are not permitted on premises (eg. pizza / chicken / hamburgers / sandwich platters etc.) Food available at on site kiosk during summer season.
  9. Patrons limited to one cooler (approx. 50 Litres / 80cm x 50cm x 50cm) for every 10 people.
  10. The hirer must have a staff member sign off on the condition of the cabana prior to leaving the venue, otherwise, bond may not be returned.
  11. Any additional cleaning costs incurred are the responsibility of the hirer. Cabana must be left clean and undamaged otherwise bond will be forfeited.
  12. Patrons entering the facility are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Entry displayed at the Centre.
  13. The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of persons associated with their event. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  14. FCC or any of its officers shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the hirer.
  15. FCC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking by providing as much notice as is practicable.
  16. The hirer must comply with any direction given by authorised FCC officers.
  17. The hire times as outlined on the application form must be strictly adhered to.
  18. The hirer shall, as soon as practicable, inform FCC in writing of the occurrence of an event that may give rise to a claim under a policy of insurance and shall ensure that FCC is kept fully informed of subsequent action and developments concerning the claim.
  19. If the hirer fails to abide by the terms and conditions or fails to remove any person who has committed any break of these conditions from the ground/area hired, this agreement may be terminated forthwith by FCC without any liability being incurred by FCC and any monies held by FCC shall be forfeited to it.
  20. Refunds will not be issued in the case of inclement weather (including, but not limited to overcast, cold, windy, rainy conditions, etc) or for any unused ride bands.

Using the BBQs

  • BBQs are available on a first-come first-serve basis. However, please be mindful that other people may
    want to use them.
  • BBQ facilities are considered communal cooking facilities and cannot be booked.
  • BBQs are electric and can be operated by pushing and holding the ‘start’ button for six seconds.
  • Automatic Pre-Heat Mode – Indicator light flashes while hotplate pre-heats and until self-sterilization is complete.
  • BBQs are fitted with a timing switch. This means they will periodically switch off. When this happens, wait 30 seconds and re-start.
  • To switch off, push the STOP button and hold for three seconds.
  • Remove your food from the barbecues as soon as you’re finished so that others can have their turn.
  • Clean up after use. Scrape material off with a spatula & wipe down. Prairiewood
  • Leisure Centre will not provide cleaning materials or products – please provide your own. Failure to clean BBQs after use may incur a cleaning charge.
  • BBQs are not to be used on days of Total Fire Bans.