How we can change lives

Vicki Campbell

“So far I have lost over 14 kilograms. I lost 12 kilograms after completing two 12-Week Challenges and then continued on my journey to lose another two afterwards.

So far I have kept the weight off for the past two years. I will be doing the next 12 Week Challenge as I find that the facilities and staff are a great motivation to keep going with my journey.

The staff are wonderful and very helpful. I had Ann as my personal trainer and I feel she was really helpful in pushing me to my limits in a way I find difficult when I am on my own at the gym.

Since losing the weight, I have found I am a lot more confidence in myself. I didn’t realise how much weight I was carrying until I saw my before and after photos and it really made me understand the physical change I have made.

I love all three of the Leisure Centres .”

Vicki Campbell

Barbara Hopperton

“My name is Barbara and so far I have lost 45 kilograms in total

Since starting at Prairiewood Leisure Centre and participating in the 12 Week Challenges, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I now have a new lease on life. I feel absolutely wonderful and my body has transformed.

The staff at the Leisure Centres are excellent. Ann was my personal trainer and she was wonderful. The great thing about Ann is that she works us hard and pushes us to our limits.

All of the staff are able to provide extra motivation and always make you feel great. Whenever I am training, the staff are always friendly and come and say ‘ hello’.

By participating in these Challenges, I have also met a great gym buddy/training partner and together we help each other achieve our goals.”

Barbara Hopperton